If you forgot to login or key in during booking

You can still earn your points by keying-in during your web check-in. Just click Check-in at Cebu Pacific's website and retrieve your booking reference, select the flight you want to Check-in and key-in your GetGo number.

If you're booking for yourself

After selecting a flight, login with your GetGo username and password at the Guest Details area to automatically fill in your saved information and GetGo number. This also ensures that your points are added to your account within 7-days after your flight.

If someone else is booking for you

Ask the person doing the booking (travel agent, family, friend, ticketing agent, etc.) to key in your GetGo number for you at the Guest Member details section.

If you're booking via the Cebu Pacific Mobile App

Earn points by booking flights anytime, anywhere via the Cebu Pacific Mobile App! After selecting a flight, key in your 10-Digit GetGo number at the guest details section.

Benefits of keying in your GetGo number

Save time and effort

When you're logged in while booking, your saved details will fill up the necessary fields, so you save time on typing your information.

Earn the points you deserve

Every P5 spent on your booking earns you 1 GetGo that will be added to your account within 7-days of your flight. Earn enough points to #FlyForFree with Cebu Pacific. Visit our website for more information

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