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We recently conducted our own survey of Canadian consumers to determine the effect well-executed communications has on brand image and customer receptiveness.

Uncover the 5 key takeaways in our Personalized Communications Survey Whitepaper.

How does Relation1 help
leading brands stay relevant?


We help you understand your customers like never before, enabling you to deliver the best customer experience you can imagine.   We’re not afraid to deal with disjointed, siloed, unstructured data.
Actually, we love it!


Need to present more relevant offers to your customers?   What about campaign automation and customer dashboards?   We do that and more.   We’ll help you create a 360° view of your customers to stay one step ahead of their ever-changing needs.

& Execution

It’s all about being customer-centric.   Working with your business objectives and internal capabilities, we’ll build a strategic roadmap and action plan that will help you deliver personalization at scale.

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